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Flood Prevention Gates
Tokenspire Construction Floodgate Installation Case Study

Taking you through the procedures undertaken during a typical Floodgate Installation project from beginning to end.

1) Breaking out the existing concrete road and constructing the foundation to sit the gate post on.
2) Re-routing the existing services

3) Setting out steel reinforcing mesh ready
for concrete
4) Holding down bolts and template ready to set
into the concrete

5) Due to severe weather conditions we have run behind on programme so here some members of Tokenspire are welcoming the night staff
6) Setting holding down bolts into the concrete
aligning and levelling

7) Bolts now set and level awaiting the gate post.
8) Thickening strip broken out accross the road between the two gate post foundations to allow the floor plate
to be casted in

9)The gate post and floor plate arrive to site with temporary bracing in place to stop any twisting
when lifting
10) Moving the frame into position




16) Base plates now in position

17) Frame now secure and level

18) Casting in the floor plate which alows a tight water seal when the gate pushes against it



21) Installing reinforcing steel from the existing wall to the new gate post tieing everything together




27) All tying in reinforcing steel now in place and installing timber shutters to form concrete retaining walls

28) Now pouring concrete into the
cavity to form the walls

29) Concrete now in place and walls complete
30) The timber shutters have now been removed exposing the concrete face of the wall which is now rubbed up to tidy any edges


34)The opening is now complete awaiting the delivery of the gate which just drops onto the hinges
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